PAN Card Customer Care – UTIITSL & NDSL

PAN (Permanent Account Number) is an alphanumeric code used for paying income tax. A pan card also serves as the identity proof like adhaar card, driving license and voter card. The Indian Income Tax Department issue this card to Indian and foreign investors. PAN card is also used for receiving professional fees, opening the bank account and purchasing assets, etc. So, you do not need to think very much whether to apply for PAN or not. People with 18 years and more must apply more PAN. People face several types of problems related to different details in their PAN. They ask from many professionals but fail to fix their issues can also download pancard correction form. If you are also one of them, you do not need to worry. Here, I have shared contact information of important service providers. So, you can talk to them and ask your queries:


How You Can Contact UTIITSL PAN Card Customer Service Centre Of Your City?

There are two ways in which you can reach the UTIITSL PAN card customer care:

1.Telephone Number – Simply by dialing “1800220306”, you can talk to the PAN card customer care. Without investing a single penny, you can ask about each and every detail related to your PAN.

  1. Service Center – If you are not satisfied from the telephone, you can directly visit the UTITSL PAN card customer service center of your country. For this, you should go to address– Then, you should select your particular city from the drop down list. Find email id, telephone number and address of the specific office. Then, move to this office and share your query.

How You Can Fill Form On PAN Card Website

Certainly, you can write your queries and submit the online. For this, you should

  • Visit –
  • Then, click on the PAN option located near “Select Section for Feedback/Query”
  • Type the subject title of your query and enter your email address
  • Properly explain your problem or query in the “comments section
  • Click the submit button
  • Now, you have successfully contacted the PAN card center online

What is the procedure for contacting NSDL PAN Card Customer Care?

PAN card can also be applied through the NSDL website. So, if have also made it this way, you

Should visit – for getting contact details of the specific office

Should visit – for asking about any query, registering any complaint or sharing suggestions

Well, it is important to know about the procedure that you follow while applying for PAN. Otherwise, you may find problems in getting right details.

Wrapping Up

Now, you can easily reach PAN card customer care and sort out your problems. Firstly, you can try to solve your issue by dialing UTITSL toll-free number – “1800220306”. If you get failed, you can submit a form by visiting- “” After making these activities, if you still find problems, you should reach the specific office by finding details from For solving queries in the pan card made from the NSDL website, you should go to – Contact the online service providers and fix problems of your PAN.

Ozone Layer Depletion – Causes, Effects and Solutions

The ozone layer is the natural region in the stratosphere of the Earth that is meant to absorb all the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun and protects the Earth’s surface from those rays. In fact, the ozone layer is the atmospheric layer that contains high level of ozone content to act as the barrier between the harmful UV rays of the sun and the Earth’s surface. But, due to the upsurge in the specific factors, there has been the rise in the depletion of the ozone layer, making the destructive UV rays of the sun entering into the atmosphere of the earth. Thus, it is relevant to understand the crucial factors leading to the causes, effects and the solutions of the ozone layer depletion.

Ozone Layer Depletion

Ozone Layer Depletion – Causes, Effects and Solutions

It is a fact that the scientists have discovered the incredible increase in the ozone layer depletion that is certainly not ideal for the atmosphere of the earth. Europe i.e the smallest continent of the earth is majorly affected by ozone layer depletion. So, let’s have a comprehensive look at the causes, effects and depletion of the ozone layer that needs to be addressed for having the healthy atmosphere of the Earth.

Causes of Ozone Layer Depletion

The ozone layer depletion is precisely a serious concern that needs to be understood properly to protect the atmosphere of the earth from the harmful electromagnetic rays of the sun. The most significant aspect of the ozone layer depletion is the enhanced production of Chlorofluorocarbons along with its increasing emission in the atmosphere of the earth. In fact, it is absorbed by the scientists that nearly 80% of the depletion of the ozone layer is caused by the increased amount of CFCs along with hydro chlorofluorocarbons, coolants of the refrigerators, agents of the cleaning, volatile organic compounds. These harmful gases are released from the industrial wastage, emissions from all vehicles, aerosols and deforestation also plays a part in enhancing the damaging effects of the ozone layer depletion.

Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion

It is relevant to point out that there are extremely damaging effects of the ozone layer depletion on the Earth’s atmosphere leading to the serious effects on the environment and human life. Due to the harmful UV rays of the sun, humans get exposed to the skin cancer, damage to the eyes, weakening the immune system and enhanced aging of the skin. Moreover, it also affects the plants by disrupting the natural process of their growth and development leading to defects in their overall physiological growth. The marine life is also influenced by the ozone layer depletion as it affects the Plankton that plays a crucial role in maintaining the carbon cycle of the ocean along with having the precise role in the food chain of the 5 major oceans on earth . Moreover, the Plankton helps to convert the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into the oxygen, thereby playing a significant part in the entire ecosystem. The depletion of ozone layer interrupts in the adequate working of the Plankton which affects the entire ecosystem. Along with this, the depletion of the ozone layer also leads to the concern of global warming that needs to be addressed adequately. Moreover, it has been absorbed that the ozone layer has got thinned in the mid of latitude that is in Australia and Antarctic region that leads to the significant disruption in the ecosystem affecting the humans leading to various health concerns and also prove a threat to the plant and marine ecosystem.

Solutions of Ozone Layer Depletion

The depletion of the ozone layer is the serious concern that needs international cooperation and understanding from all the nations of the world. In fact, it has led to the formation of the Montreal Protocol in 1987 that got the acceptance of all the countries to reduce the emission and production of CFCs. Moreover, there is a need to understand that each one of us can play a vital role in protecting the natural shield of the earth by using the recycled products, opting for public transport and make continuous attempts to enhance the understanding of the people about the ozone layer depletion.


On a whole, it can be stated that all the Ozone Layer Depletion – Causes, Effects and Solutions is not the concern of any particular nation but of all the nations comprising the international community. Moreover, the entire world should cooperate to reduce the emissions of CFCs, and other harmful pollutants that lead to the hole in the ozone layer making it possible to the harmful UV rays of the sun reaching the earth’s surface and disturbing the whole environment and ecosystem. Thus, we all have to make the individual efforts along with the collective efforts to save the natural shield of the earth from getting depleted by the harmful gasses and protecting our natural environment for future generations.

The Reasons Why We Love BCA

BCA is a professional degree course that accredits the students with the certified degree to be suitable for IT and software industry. It is precisely a fact that BCA renders the professional skill and expertise to the students that enable them to become the part of IT and Software workforce. Moreover, it provides the opportunity not only to become an expert in the computer and programming language but also become eligible for managerial positions in the leading IT and Software companies. Thus, it calls for a having broad look at the specific reasons that make BCA a rewarding option for youngsters.


The Reasons Why We Love BCA.

There are no second thoughts about the fact every student desires to opt for the field that not only provides a beneficial career option but also proves to be the incredible source of learning and enhancing the practical skills. So, in this category, the choice of BCA seems to be most appropriate one as it offers the cumulative benefits of financial growth and sense of satisfaction to the students and thus, it requires having a comprehensive look at the prospective reasons to choose BCA.

A Lucrative Career Option

The first and foremost reason for having the BCA as the selected stream is that it proves to be a lucrative career option with immense channels of growth. As the student going for BCA can choose computer and programming languages as his career or he can opt for the managerial position by preferring the database management, a system administrator or networking jobs. Therefore, it is explicit that BCA is the excellent career option, and it becomes one of the most productive reasons to study BCA among the other career streams.

A Huge Salary Package

The BCA graduates are using looked upon as the most preferred workforce that is required by the top IT and Software industry. In fact, the BCA degree holders are offered handsome salary package even in the initial period, and it promises to increase to the considerable extent within the span of two to three years, making it one of the recommended choice of the youngsters to choose it as the career option.

Practical Learning Experience

The key benefit of studying BCA is that students get exposure to the practical problem-solving skills along with getting the general details of every subject. Therefore, it enables the students to focus on enhancing their expertise to improve the problem-solving ability that arises due to the interface between technology and business.

Improve Your Logic Skills

The BCA degree offers the numerous opportunities to the students to augment their logic skills as they can practically see what they have learnt and put the theories to the test. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that students can put forth their skills into practical application by using their logic skills as taught by the BCA course material.

Numerous Career Opportunities

The BCA degree offers numerous career options to the degree holder as the person can opt for the IT and Software industry along with getting the option of choosing the managerial operations. In fact, the BCA degree holder can opt to choose for the BPO industry and that too with the provision of excellent packages even for the beginner level. Moreover, the BCA degree holders can apply for the jobs in the public sector like the leading banks are also hiring BCA graduates with a handsome package.

Scope of Further Education

The BCA degree holders can also go further with MCA degree as further education can enhance the promising career opportunities with senior level posts in a public and private sector. So, the higher education would prove the extremely useful step in promoting the better job opportunities.

Hence, it can be stated that the top preferable reasons to go for BCA degree course make it explicitly clear that BCA offers the incredible career opportunities to the students that make them worthy prospects for the leading IT and Software companies.  Therefore, you can improve your career planning by opting to choose BCA for enhancing your career options with diverse possibilities that can make you reach the higher levels of success with assurance.

5 Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Engineering courses are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Huge growth, career opportunities and high salaries are making students take engineering programs. If we look at the statistics, there are more than 40 different types of engineering branches. Computer Science engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering are the most common engineering branches of the modern time. Whether you complete the electronics and communication engineering course or civil engineering course from best college located on chandigarh-punjab highway, you can earn more than $100k every year. You can spend a luxurious life by completing the engineering degree. Below, I have shared the five highest paid engineering jobs:

Engineering Jobs

1. Computer Engineering

In comparison to traditional times, the modern period is featuring vast career opportunities in computer engineering. There is a vast type of growth for a computer engineer in the modern period. Not hardware engineers, but software (computer) engineers are in huge demand. The digital world that contains electronic gadgets, mobile phones, tablets and other machines is asking for more computer engineers. The salary for computer software engineers start from $63 thousand dollars and goes to 150 thousand dollars. Whichever computer language, you want to learn, you can learn and make a great career in the computer field. Nowadays, schools are also putting specific efforts for providing computer skills to students so that they can become software(computer engineers).

2. Aerospace Engineering

The Engineering course that deals with spacecraft and aircraft is known as aerospace engineering. According to the department of labor, the requirement of aerospace engineers will grow more than 5% in next few years. By becoming an aerospace engineer, you can earn at least 65 thousand dollars. If you enhance specific technical skills in this field, you can earn up to 105 thousand dollars. Aerospace engineers do have a great future with more companies are being set up.

3.  Electrical Engineering

If you have completed graduation in the electrical engineering course, you can earn at least 50 thousand dollars. Electrical engineering mostly performs jobs related to designing, testing and checking (supervision) of several electrical tools. If we look at mid-career salaries of electrical engineers, we can find around 90 thousand dollars. According to Statistics, the job growth in the electrical engineering will increase to 6% in next few years. As an electrical engineer, you may ask to design electronics schematics. You can make vast products and use them in your home or office.

4. Chemical Engineering

This is the engineering that deals with organic and inorganic oils that are used for making different types of products. Chemical engineers also perform the work related to manufacturing and research. Paper, medicine, electronics, and clothes are some popular items made by chemical engineers. After completing the chemical engineering course, you can make your career in technical sales as well as in company management. According to the US department of labor, chemical engineering offers more job growth than biomedical engineering. As a chemical engineer, you can start your job at 95 thousand dollars and reach up to $110000.

5. Petroleum Engineering

Students who complete the petroleum engineering course can get the job of $74,000 every year. Petroleum engineering is related to manufacturing and developing resources required for running automobiles and tools. The demand for petroleum engineers is continuously increasing from last few years. According to your choice, you can complete the petroleum engineering courses from colleges, or you can take the training online. By getting experience in this field, you can earn up to $185,000 every year. There are a vast number of applications for the petroleum engineering course.

Wrapping Up

Engineering courses offer very high salaries. If you become a computer engineer, you can earn up to 150 thousand dollars. The aerospace engineering offers a package of $105,000. Electrical engineers are earning around 90 thousand dollars every year. By completing the chemical engineering course, you can get a yearly salary of 1 lakh dollars. The petroleum engineering course also offers a salary of 185 thousand dollars every year. Choose the specific engineering course for achieving your different goals.