5 Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Engineering courses are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. Huge growth, career opportunities and high salaries are making students take engineering programs. If we look at the statistics, there are more than 40 different types of engineering branches. Computer Science engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering are the most common engineering branches of the modern time. Whether you complete the electronics and communication engineering course or civil engineering course from best college located on chandigarh-punjab highway, you can earn more than $100k every year. You can spend a luxurious life by completing the engineering degree. Below, I have shared the five highest paid engineering jobs:

Engineering Jobs

1. Computer Engineering

In comparison to traditional times, the modern period is featuring vast career opportunities in computer engineering. There is a vast type of growth for a computer engineer in the modern period. Not hardware engineers, but software (computer) engineers are in huge demand. The digital world that contains electronic gadgets, mobile phones, tablets and other machines is asking for more computer engineers. The salary for computer software engineers start from $63 thousand dollars and goes to 150 thousand dollars. Whichever computer language, you want to learn, you can learn and make a great career in the computer field. Nowadays, schools are also putting specific efforts for providing computer skills to students so that they can become software(computer engineers).

2. Aerospace Engineering

The Engineering course that deals with spacecraft and aircraft is known as aerospace engineering. According to the department of labor, the requirement of aerospace engineers will grow more than 5% in next few years. By becoming an aerospace engineer, you can earn at least 65 thousand dollars. If you enhance specific technical skills in this field, you can earn up to 105 thousand dollars. Aerospace engineers do have a great future with more companies are being set up.

3.  Electrical Engineering

If you have completed graduation in the electrical engineering course, you can earn at least 50 thousand dollars. Electrical engineering mostly performs jobs related to designing, testing and checking (supervision) of several electrical tools. If we look at mid-career salaries of electrical engineers, we can find around 90 thousand dollars. According to Statistics, the job growth in the electrical engineering will increase to 6% in next few years. As an electrical engineer, you may ask to design electronics schematics. You can make vast products and use them in your home or office.

4. Chemical Engineering

This is the engineering that deals with organic and inorganic oils that are used for making different types of products. Chemical engineers also perform the work related to manufacturing and research. Paper, medicine, electronics, and clothes are some popular items made by chemical engineers. After completing the chemical engineering course, you can make your career in technical sales as well as in company management. According to the US department of labor, chemical engineering offers more job growth than biomedical engineering. As a chemical engineer, you can start your job at 95 thousand dollars and reach up to $110000.

5. Petroleum Engineering

Students who complete the petroleum engineering course can get the job of $74,000 every year. Petroleum engineering is related to manufacturing and developing resources required for running automobiles and tools. The demand for petroleum engineers is continuously increasing from last few years. According to your choice, you can complete the petroleum engineering courses from colleges, or you can take the training online. By getting experience in this field, you can earn up to $185,000 every year. There are a vast number of applications for the petroleum engineering course.

Wrapping Up

Engineering courses offer very high salaries. If you become a computer engineer, you can earn up to 150 thousand dollars. The aerospace engineering offers a package of $105,000. Electrical engineers are earning around 90 thousand dollars every year. By completing the chemical engineering course, you can get a yearly salary of 1 lakh dollars. The petroleum engineering course also offers a salary of 185 thousand dollars every year. Choose the specific engineering course for achieving your different goals.


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